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Attic Insulation In Baytown

Blown-In Insulation in Baytown, TX

Wearing multiple sweaters is one way to stay warm when there is not much insulation in your house. But did you know that too much of a certain temperature can cause water pipes in your home to freeze and burst? 

You don’t have to worry about anything as the A Affordable Services Company Blow-in insulation system can help you with that.

Blown-in attic insulation is thick, compact, and lumpy cellulose, fiberglass, or other insulation. It has the substance of down feathers and can fit into small spaces such as walls or between cables or ducts.

Blown-in insulation is produced from a wide variety of materials, including recycled newspaper, cardboard, glass, and household trash.

The term “blown-in” refers to using special equipment to “blow” insulation into areas of your attic. Typically, a giant block of insulation would be purchased, inserted into the machine, and filled in any gaps that needed to be insulated.


Benefits of Blown-In Energy Efficiency

Blown-in insulation is considerably more airtight than conventional insulation such as wrapped batting. The blasted material is smaller and may enter tiny gaps and fissures in your attic where air seeps typically through. 

This flexible material may be used to fill in around beams, pipelines, and other irregularly shaped items and gaps. Because of its ability to seal securely, it is a much superior and more energy-efficient option than rolled batting. It is also moisture resistant, which keeps mold, stink, and decay at bay in your house. 

In addition, fiberglass insulation is a chemical-free, 35 percent recycled material. So, by making your house more energy-efficient, you are not just helping the environment. The materials utilized are ecologically friendly, and you will save money as a result. 


There are two kinds of insulation being utilized nowadays. Fiberglass is available in both rolled batting and blown forms, while cellulose is exclusively available in the blown form. 

Fiberglass is produced from recycled glass and sand, both renewable and plentiful resources, making it an environmentally beneficial option for the house and environment. 

Cellulose insulation is also made from recycled, environmentally friendly materials. However, it has limited testing on safety and health. It might settle up to 20% after a while, losing its insulation properties over time. Fiberglass insulation settles much less or not at all.

Fire Retardancy

With the uncertainty of the weather condition, the temperature may vary between hot and cold. Nevertheless, we should still be adequately prepared for these circumstances. 

This fire-resistant material is ideal for minimizing the danger of a fire. Its fire resistance is due to the tight sealing, which prevents air from passing through tiny gaps and igniting the flame.


This kind of insulation effectively prevents noise from passing through walls due to its airtight seal. We can use insulation to keep the sound out. If you are annoyed by noise from your neighbors, or from the rain and thunderstorm, this will help to block it out.

Blown-In Insulation Is An Excellent Investment

Installing insulation in your attic is the most cost-effective way to save money on energy. It is one of the best home repair investments that can last up to several years, providing a return on your investment.

Types of Blown-In Attic Insulation

One of the most common sources of air leaks found in your house is in the ceiling, walls, and flooring area. 

The simplest and least expensive methods to improve the value and comfort of your house while lowering your energy costs. 

Because of insufficient insulation, 85 percent of houses in the United States are inefficient. For houses in the Greater Houston region, the Department of Energy recommends an R-60 rating. Without these appropriate standards, hot or cold air can circulate through the roof and into your living space. T

rapping hot or cold air in the attic to keep your living space at a constant, pleasant temperature all year. This is indeed perfect if you want a cost-effective method to save money on your energy bills, as well as improved living comfort and longer life of your HVAC unit.

Attic Inspection

Before purchasing all of the supplies, you must have an attic inspection performed. You never know what kinds of possible problems or concerns may be lurking in your attic. 

You probably don’t go up to your attic very frequently. This implies that there may be various difficulties, such as inadequate air sealing, ventilation issues, poor air quality, and so on.

Attic inspectors may detect these kinds of problems. They will also show you how much insulation you will need depending on a variety of variables.

Wrapping Up

Blown insulation is a cost-effective way to insulate your home because it keeps the heat in which is a great addition to your home. It can be hard to install this type of insulation by yourself as it signifies that a professional approach is advised. 

A Affordable Services Company does best in these procedures to guarantee safe installation and great performance that will benefit you for years to come. 

A Affordable Services Company performs excellent work because we follow the construction code, stick to timelines, and remain under budget. 

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