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Installing Commercial Insulation and Ventilation 

A-Affordable Services Company will insulate your attic, it is important to remember to add proper ventilation to allow heat to escape. It is best to leave a few inches of space around the edges of the insulation, as air will collect and build upon these areas. Adding an air conditioner to your attic can also improve its efficiency. However, it is not necessary to install a whole new insulation system, as there are several methods to insulate your attic. 

Fiberglass batts need no backing to ensure that they do not irritate your skin or lungs. When you’re installing the insulation, remember to identify and block the soffit vents so that your attic stays at a constant temperature. It may require a licensed electrician to install the insulation, so you’ll want to consider whether to hire a professional or do the work yourself. Once you’ve figured out where these vents are, you can choose the best type of insulation to add. 

A Affordable Services Company which installs radiant barriers, you’ll need to cut the insulation in two pieces. The first piece needs to cover the ends of rafter/trusses, while the second section covers the rest of the rafter/truss cavity. This way, the radiant barrier will protect the bottom rafters from heat transfer. If you don’t have a stud in the attic, you can easily staple the radiant barrier along the bottom of the rafters and cover the ends of the struts with it. 

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